Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Fat Cat

Today I saw this cat in a shop window in Tulia, Texas.


TamboinMO said...

Crack me up!!! He/She looks like a cartoon character!!!

art spirit said...

OMG! love the fat cat!
and your new stamps!

Wanda said...

just looked at the picture of fat cat...she still looks the same and is called fat cat but not so she can hear.. her comment is...fluffy not fat!!

Anonymous said...

cute little kittie

Dana said...

I love my Fat Cat... and her name is Skeeter. My mom and dad have been taking care of her at their ceramic store in Tulia for the last 3 years and she rules the store... miss you kitty.

Anonymous said...

that cat is our teachers cat.

Cecilia said...

i love that fat little kittie it's so cute!!!!!! i wish i had a cat like that!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

pretty fat cat. i love it

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